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Meditation MP3s

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Recently, I wrote a blog post on Mindfulness Courses in Hamilton.  I liked the course but I didn’t like the MP3s that came with it.  Or rather I liked the content of the MP3s but not the tone of the otherwise brilliant speaker.  Since that post, I’ve been asked about what I am using MP3 wise that I do like.  I think I’d like the same MP3s if they were just presenting in a more engaging way — in fact I have heard a variants of these MP3s like that.

But beyond the course there are other MP3s out there that I like. So here is my shortlist of 2 Meditative MP3s in my iPod that rock my socks.  Well, maybe not rock, but perhaps mellow my socks on a really tough day.

MP3 For Passive Meditation

One Hour Meditation : : $16 MP3 Download.  This is a passive meditation where  it just happens to you while you listen.

I really liked the one hour meditation with rain.  It’s led by a woman, and her voice is gentle but walks your body through 10 minutes of muscle tensing/relaxing, then 50 minutes of working through the body part by part. By the end, even a really tense person should be jello.  I’ve listened to that again and again.  If I was listening from bed, having just woken up, I skipped the first 10 minutes as it wasn’t really needed.

It comes bundled with a few other MP3s for stress relief and deep sleep.  They might work for others but they didn’t resonate with me as much. 

MP3 for Active Meditation

OM Unplugged – Guided Meditation : Around $15 from Amazon.  This is an active meditation.  You work on your breathing, and mindset to get into the right groove.  I would not have been able to do this and get much out of it a few months ago, but now that I’ve done a Mindfulness course, I understand how to meditate a lot better.  So now, it’s something I can use very well. 

The voice is Victor Demko’s.  Victor is a long time practitioner of Meditation who has produced other Media for meditation. This is his first work that I know of showcasing him actually guiding the meditation. It seems he knows what he’s doing.

If you get them and have comments, let me know here!

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  1. Meditating Tia Says:

    I had problems with practicing meditation up until recently. Somehow I couldn’t focus. I think staying focused is what matters and that’s why meditating doesn’t work for everyone. I created a quiet place for me in my house and that gave me the extra focus I needed. It’s way easier now!

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